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Admission and Withdrawal  

The admission dues will have to be deposited within a week from the date on which the admission is offered to the student. Failing which the seat will be allotted to the next child on the waiting list. However, the admission dues once deposited will not be refunded at all.



  1. School Fee will not be accepted without production of fee booklet.
  2. Total fee for the twelve months will be charged in a year.
  3. Monthly fee will be charged from April to March for whole academic session.
  4. Fee for two months will be charged in the month of May(i.e. May & June) & Feb (Feb & March)
  5. Monthly fee will be taken by 15th of every month without late fee.
  6. Fee for more duration will be accepted with most welcome.
  7. Late fee will be charged @10/- upto 20th of every month @30/- upto last day of the month & afterwards 100/- per month.
  8. Fee is to be deposited at Axis Bank. Timings as per Bank schedule i.e. Monday to Saturday 9:30 am to 3:30 pm(During all working days of the Bank)
  9. Duplicate fee booklet/fee receipt will be issued only after the payment of Rs.50/-
  10. Transport Fee will be charged for 11 months in the session.
  11. Fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted.


  12. School office will remain open on all days except gazetted holidays during the session.
  13. Change of address or Telephone Number should be notified in the school office as soon as possible.
  14. Refund of security will be made one month after applied for.
  15. Security can be claimed within six months of leaving the school. After that it will be forfeited.
  16. Discontinuation of Transport in the mid session will not be permitted
  17. In-disciplined students will not be permitted to use school transport.
  18. Bank will be off Second & Fourth Saturday.

After completion of the session, if parents want to apply for school leaving certificate, the application in this regard must be submitted before 31 March. If the same is received later on, the dues for the month of April will be charged as per school norms. Besides parents request for withdrawal, the name of a student can also be struck off the school rolls in the following cases: 1. If a student fails to obey the discipline and rules of the school and his/her continued presence may be detrimental to the interests of other students. 2. If a student is irregular in class and fails to put in 75% attendance each month. 3. If a student does not pay the school dues for two months.

Note : The management reserves the right to effect changes in the terms and conditions mentioned in the prospectus without prior notice.