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Establishment of a reputed educational institution to impart quality education based on our vedic moral values and modern sciences was always a dream of the people of Assandh. To transform this dream into reality Sh. Sanatan Dharam Sewa Samiti , Assandh contacted DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi. There the members of SDSS expressed their concern to Dr. C.Prakash Ji, Sr. Vice- President of DAVCMC. Dr. C.Prakash Ji whole heartly welcomed the members and accepted the offer with honour. So DAV Public School Assandh is the culmination of the holy efforts of Both the SDSS and the DAVCMC, New Delhi. Their selfless sincere efforts resulted in the opening of this school in April 2000. A number of people of Assandh contributed whole heartly for the noble cause of opening and running the institution. Their efforts are highly appreciable. Since than the school functions directly under the control of DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi and is affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi up to Senior Secondary level. The school campus is spread on 2 Acres of land consisting of three different three-storeyed blocks, vast Play Grounds with an enrolment of 1670 students, 80 Members of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff. The school has made great inimitable strides since its inception to meet the ever mounting demands of a progressive society and topical modern education with special emphasis on synchronization of the Indian thought, cultural and heritage with the latest plethora of knowledge updates and scientific outlook. This long journey starting with a humble beginning has covered and created several memorable milestones and is still continuing with a spirit of diligence, perseverance and consistency of purpose towards the highest and the best goals.

The School is known for being the best not only in academics but also in extra curricular activities. It aims at sprucing, honing and shaping the career as well as the total personality of the child so that he/she can hammer out a right balance between the Macro World of contemporary thoughts and Vedic culture. The institution acts as a role model in the society and a custodian of those values which are enshrined in our ancient culture and heritage. It takes teaching as admission, not a profession and inspires the students to achieve their goals and realize their dreams by providing them the freedom of mind, the tenderness of the heart and the integrity of the soul. DAV Assandh tries to make its children responsive and responsible, competent and compassionate, awakened, humane, self-dependent, confident, accountable and committed citizens, so that they start believing not in getting and forgetting, but in giving and forgiving, and learn to sift need from greed, the affluence of progress from the effluents of materialism/hi-tech society. The students of the school have succeeded in leaving the indelible imprints of unprecedented success stories, be it Academic, cultural or sports activities from district to regional up to the national level excelling all the other schools in the District. The motto of the school is loud and clear 'Always up and ahead striving towards excellence'. The institution strives onwards to touch and achieve the highest standards of excellence under the sagacious counsel and patronage of beloved Sh. T.R. Gupta Ji, Vice President, DAV CMC, New Delhi & Chairman of the school who is the main buttress for keeping our morale high, Sh. Nanak Chand, Manager of the school who can always be relied upon for her prompt and benign support; Sh. M.L. Garg, Regional Director, Haryana Zone-G, who has always been a powerful presence with his blessings along with other worthy LMC members.